Stanley 12-Volt Sprayers

ATV & Quad Bike 12-volt sprayers suitable for spraying weeds, trees, fence lines and other areas. We stock a full range from 30L up to 400L .

Note. We will be at the Christchurch show on 13th to 15th November. Site G7A

The Stanley range of 12 volt sprayers come in the following models.


30 litre Spot Sprayer

60 & 98 litre Spot and Broadcast Sprayer

200 litre Spot Sprayer

The 60 & 98 litre models are equipped with a unique broadcast lance; producing a heavier droplet pattern, reducing drift while allowing the sprayer to accurately target specific areas. These are ideal for covering larger areas such as paddocks and with large tanks, the frequency of refilling is reduced making them a great solution for any farmer. 

Just pop them onto your quad bike or ATV, or you can tow them behind your ride on mower.

These Stanley sprayers sit at the very top of the 12-volt range and are built to the highest possible quality.


Sprayer Features:

  • Pump engineered for supreme quality and reliability
  • Quick connect ports for easy changing of attachments
  • Tank design for easy use and durability
  • High quality accessories
  • Adjustable brass spray nozzle and brass swivel connector
  • Broadcast kit alleviates the requirements for a small boom

Available only in New Zealand

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