HighLifter Gravity Pump

This fantastic small self-powered water-pump requires NO power source and NO electricity which makes it ideal for remote areas. An alternitive to solar water pumps.

What Makes the High-Lifter So Good?
Simple. You just roll some delivery pipe down the incline from your water source until
you get to the pressure you need and then attach the pump.
Reliable. When set up correctly it is very reliable and will require very little maintenance.
You really can just set it and leave it to do its work.
Low Flow. Requires as little as one litre per second and under the right conditions it can
pump to a three hundred metre height.
And best of all, it is not dependent on sun, wind or electricity. As long as you have water to drive it, it will pump twenty four hours a day.
It’s NOT a ram pump; instead, it’s a pressure intensifier piston pump that creates virtually no noise.

Two significant features are how incredibly simple it is to install (literally just connect it to a length of poly-pipe and that's it) and its longevity (with the correct set-up you can expect years of trouble-free pumping). 


Highlifter gravity water pump available from Perkinz Farming Products

Key Information:

  • Requires a fall between 9 metres and up to 40 metres
  • Flowing water – about a litre a second
  • Can pump up to 7,000 litres per day
  • Capable of delivering water to a height of over 300 metres

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