Shearing Machines

Having the right shearing machine to assist with your crutching and shearing requirements is vital.

Lister Nova and Lister Nexus shearing machines as reliable, powerful units that are ideally suited to complement the CrutchMaster. They integrate well with an automatic on/off handpiece switch which makes the whole system easier to use but also speeds the process up.

Lister Nova Shearing Machine

This is the preferred dagging plant partner for CrutchMaster cradles. It is a double insulated machine designed for the farmer/shearer; operating through a 1.8 meter flexible drive. It has the standard Lister rope-pull on/off switch and is light and easy to cart around. Most importantly is has a low starting current making it ideal for use with portable generators.

Key Features:

  • Available in either mains or 12V versions
  • Single speed
  • Double-insulated for safety
  • Low starting current
  • Lightweight robust casing

Lister Nexus Shearing Machine


A growing number of farmers are investing in the Nexus as it can be used not only on CrutchMaster crutching systems but as a backup machine for an existing woolshed.The Lister Nexus machine is the world’s leading capacitor start & run machine. Fitted as standard, the new Quick Release (QR) system allows for rapid attachment and release of the drive from the Nexus motor unit.


Key Features:


  • Powered from either mains electricity supply or from a generator
  • Construction is solid yet lightweight
  • The motor, capacitor & switch are contained inside an impact resistant molded casing
  • Available with either solid or flexible drive; solid drive is supplied with spline connection & the flexible with both pin & spline drive connections
  • Capacitor-run motor with low starting current

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