About Perkinz

Based in Dunedin, New Zealand and with a warehouse in Melbourne Australia, Perkinz has a wealth of both farming and sheep-handling experience that shows through in the usability and inventiveness of its products.Wayne and the Perkinz sheep handling equipment

An ever growing customer base and product range adds credibility to Wayne’s claim of not being quite as stupid as he looks, however, you be the judge, ask for a demo or talk to an existing client and make up your own mind.

With fifteen years of shearing behind him and a solid farming background, Wayne has significant experience around problem solving and has become heavily involved in designing and implementimg water projects.

Perkinz have now delivered a number of solutions using our range of self-powered water-pumps, both in the farming and humanitarian sectors.

Perkinz products are manufactured by EB Engineering Solutions, an engineering firm with a long and enviable reputation in farming circles.

Wayne shearing a sheep in 2017