React Solar Water Pump

The React Pump (previously the Triplex) is a cost-effective and very efficent solar water pump, for farms and remote areas, that is capable of pumping to a 150m head.

Ticks all the boxes. Clean, quiet, environmentally friendly, easy to install, efficient and very cost-effective.

React solar water pumps available from Perkinz Farming Products

Above: The React solar water pumps are ideal for filling livestock watering tanks, being clean, compact, quiet, low maintenance and having low cost of ownership long term.

Made in NZ (from domestic and imported parts), it is easy and safe for a farmer to install without needing permits for water abstraction, building permit for PV erection or code of compliance for the electrical installation.

Solar Water Pump available from Perkinz farming products         React Solar Water Pump

Above is the 1120W Turnkey Package.

Advantages of the React Solar Water Pump


Its both more efficient and cost-effective than the competition.

DIY - No builder, electrician or water take permit needed.

Lightweight at under 20kgs.

Direct drive (no gearbox to add cost and complexity.

Brushless motor (no brushes to wear out).

Will pump to a set pressure and then stop.

Slow running rpm (200-1200 range) makes it quiet and durable.

Can pump clean and dirty water (within reason) as plunger pumps are less prone to damage than piston pumps.

The flow of water from the React pump is relatively constant so no pressure dampener is needed.

     Perkinz Solar Water Pumps. React Pump. Aquatec Pumps         Perkinz solar water pump working on farm.         

Above is the 560W turn-key package.

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Advantages Manual


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Installation Manual

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Made in New Zealand