DrenchMaster Sheep Handler

Introducing the DrenchMaster, a simple and effective sheep handler that allows for safe and fast handling of ewes and lambs.


How our sheep handler works

As the sheep walk/run past you, you lean towards them which moves the crush over and clamps the sheep in the race. This keeps your hands free to drench, vaccinate, inspect, etc. You then lean away which releases the crush, the sheep run off the end of the race and the next one follows it through. Simple and easy 

It comes with a ratchet locking foot mechanism that holds the clamp shut for you or you can disengage the ratchet and allow crush to move in and out freely.

The four-arm adjustable anti-backer which comes as standard allows for an even and consistent flow of stock.

David Merrin  “We use it for click / drenching and classing the ewe hoggets plus some wethers.  It works really well for the clicking on the breech plus we also class all of the un-mulsed ewes. We are very impressed at how efficient the DrenchMaster is.”

Why are farmers buying our sheep handling equipment.


Quite simply, its because it makes the following jobs faster, easier and safer.

Drenching. Vaccinating. Mouthing. Uddering. Classing. Back-lining. Capsuling.

Tagging. Ear-marking.

Henry Pinckney  “The DrenchMaster is a great piece of equipment that allows multiple jobs to be done at once. It is easy to use and very portable.”

What Makes the DrenchMaster So Good?

SimpleWe think simple is often best, one moving part with not a lot to go wrong. Much thought went in to the design of our sheep handling equipment to make it simple to set-up and easy to use, yet have it robust giving great reliability. There is just not much that can go wrong.

Doesn't get in your wayThe DrenchMaster works with you, not against you. No opening flaps or pulling levers to get access to parts of the sheep, you just lean over and grab them.  Once used to it you will find you're just handling the sheep, not working a machine.

It's safeIt’s going to save your knees and your back, and possibly your mind as well. It won't bruise or hurt your sheep and lambs either. 

It's fast. You can drench around 600-800 sheep an hour and can vaccinate in excess of 1,000 sheep or lambs an hour. Also allows you to do two or more operations at a time.

It's easyIt sure beats walking up a race of sheep or lambs that can knock you around.

Quick Set up.  Put it into position and you're all set to go.  It’s actually that simple.

Light and easy to move. Weighing in at 115kgs you can move it easily by yourself.

Designed by a farmerDon't get me wrong, this is a well engineered piece of equipment but its development was driven by a farmer.  The machine fits around the sheep, not the sheep around the machine – that’s a big difference.

David Grimm  "The DrenchMaster makes jobs like drenching, vaccinating, ear-marking, mouthing and uddering so much quicker and less demanding on the body, as well as time. The drafting gates option saves having to run the mob through again."

DrenchMaster Options

The DrenchMaster is available as either a stationary or mobile unit, and has an optional 3-Way Draft that attaches easily to the front of the system.

It comes standard as a manully operated unit and can also now be fitted with our "air-assist" add-on that allows for clamp to be operated by a pneumatic ram and a magnetic hand switch on a 4m hose. This lets the operator work the crush from back down the sheep race and makes handling your stock a genuine one-person operation.

  Perkinz sheep handling equipment  

Dave McCurdy  “Wouldn’t go back to drenching up a race. The DrenchMaster is just so quick and easy.”

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Neil Gardyne   "This is the best labour saving tool ever!."

Available in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdon & France