CrutchMaster Sheep Handler

Our crutching trailer is a sheep handling system ideal for crutching ewes and lambs quickly and efficently.

Crutching Trailers are our speciality!


Note. Our current lead time is 2-3 months and we are sending out systems on a first ordered, first sent basis. If you are in the market for a CrutchMaster this season then probably a good idea to enquire and order as soon as you can.

Crutching sheep and lambs is one of the most physically demanding jobs on the farm (or the world for that matter) and the CrutchMaster is specifically designed to make the job  both quicker and easier.

It is a smart yet simple system that can be installed into your sheep yards, woolshed or provided as a mobile crutching trailer.

Sandy McEachern -“I purchased my first Perkinz crutching stand in 2009 because it looked simple to maintain and easy to use as a one-person operator. That first stand hasn’t let me down and I have purchased a second stand in 2012. The return on investment has been very good with crutching costs reduced to ~ $0.75 per head (all inclusive).”

Why Are People Buying CrutchMasters?

Crutching   The CrutchMaster allows you to do all the crutching operations you need to from a bum flick on a crossbred lamb up to an eye-wig, pizzle and full crutch on a merino wether. The CrutchMaster’s unique design also allows you to crutch lambs and ewes together with no adjustment needed, eliminating the need for drafting into two lines.

Shearing   The removable cradles allow you to now slide a sheep down to the floor and shear it traditionally if needed, as and when required, giving you much more versatility. If this interests you ask about us supplying a couple of our plastic slides so the sheep can be controlled safely and easily to the ground.

Checking and trimming feet    The CrutchMaster is ideal for checking and trimming feet. It sits the sheep in a position that gives good access to all four feet and it turns what is arguably the worst job on the farm into an easy, quick and pain-free process.

Drenching    More and more of our operators are drenching and vaccinating the sheep while they are being crutched which, while it makes it slightly slower at the time, means you only have to handle the sheep once. The cradle allows good access to the sheep’s mouth and neck and allows a quick and easy check of the udder as well.

Jack Briscoe -“A machine that is light, versatile and makes crutching easy”

What Makes the CrutchMaster So Good?

No technology   We think simple is often best, one moving part and not a lot to go wrong. No noisy compressor blaring away to stop sheep from running. Much thought went in to the design to make it so simple to set-up and easy to use yet have it robust to give great reliability.

Doesn't get in your way    The CrutchMaster works with you, not against you. No pushing switches or pulling levers to get access to parts of the sheep. Once you get used to it you will find you're just crutching sheep, not working a machine.

It's safe    It was developed and trialled with help from a New Zealand meat processing company with all the appropriate checks and balances from their vets. It won't bruise or hurt your sheep and lambs. 

It's fast    You don't actually crutch any quicker but you have less down time between sheep as you're not walking into a catching pen. Once you get used to the system you can expect to be about 20-30% quicker than in a woolshed.

It's easy    It sure beats dragging sheep out of a catching pen and like anything, it just gets easier and easier to use. It allows for good blow placement and you're not bent over like a half-shut pocket knife.

Quick set up    Pull out the in-feed ramp, lift the roof, hang the shearing plant and you're cutting wool (and dags) – it’s actually that simple.

Light and easy to tow    The two stand CrutchMaster trailer weighs in at about 740kgs so you hardly know it's there.

Designed by a shearer    Don't get me wrong, this is a well-engineered piece of equipment but its development was driven by a shearer.  The machine fits around the crutching, not the crutching around the machine – that’s a big difference.Our crutching trailers come in one, two and three stand options, fast to set up and light to tow around. With no noisy air compressor and few moving parts, there is limited maintenance required; this system works with you, not against you, for fast crutching of lambs and ewes.


William Hurn -“I wish I had found your CrutchMaster 10 years ago”

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