Red Pearl Systems

Red Pearl Systems is an innovative company, providing new technology and ideas to the fresh produce sector, primarily for the purpose or sorting, grading, packaging and handling the produce - especially cherries.

We work closely with Red Pearl Systems and are always open to working collaboratively on new engineering opportunities and ideas.

The Red Pearl is an optical cherry sizer, using state of the art optical recognition to give unprecedented accuracy at extraordinary speeds. It is designed for a variety of fruit types including cherries, small tomatoes, miniature kiwi and other fruit of similar sizes. 

Proven inline experience finds the Red Pearl provides high level reliability, virtually eliminating production downtime. The state of the art optical recognition system provides unprecedented accuracy at speeds faster than humanly possible. 

Product features:

  • Designed for produce 40mm (1.5") in diameter or smaller
  • High speed (delivers approximately 1/2 ton per hour, per lane)
  • Supports 2 through 10 lane systems
  • Simplified user interface, PC based operation for quick changes and provides real time sorting information
  • Optical recognition system with comprehensive view of each piece of produce (identifies size and colour values)
  • Patented gentle (non-contact) air ejection system
  • Stainless steel construction with a sealed motor and stainless steel bearings

To discover how the Red Pearl can enhance your produce production, please contact us.

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