About Us

Located close to Central Otago’s fruit growing region, EB’s are specialists in fruit-handling conveyors and equipment that ensures growers excellent returns on their premium products.

Our machinery has revolutionised the sorting, sizing, packing and grading of cherries throughout the industry.  Ongoing innovation in packhouse systems has resulted in an evergrowing list of complementary products, including cherry bagging systems, bucket-wash, semi and automatic weigh systems.

We have also developed complete packhouse systems for handling fruits and vegetables such as apples, apricots and potatoes.

We believe there is no limit to the produce handling needs that we can service. Every system we design is unique to meet your specific needs.


EB Engineering Solutions was established as E B McDonald Ltd in 1945  by Ebb McDonald as a tractor/farm machinery repair shop in Crawford Street.

Employee's Joe Wansink and Bill Hunsche bought the company in 1964, deciding to change its focus from farming to industrial maintenance (including such brands as Shacklocks, Reid Farmers, Dalgety) and special projects (boats, gang mowers, coring machines, presses to name a few).

Since then we have been actively developing our resources to meet the needs of a changing industry. In June 1998 we received our registration as a Telarc Q-Base Registered Supplier.

In 2002 we simplified our name to EB's Engineering Solutions, which we felt reflected the variety of services we offer our customers.

And then in 2012 we dropped the 's from EB's to trade as EB Engineering Solutions.

Our People

Greg Wansink

Greg Wansink, Managing Director

Greg Wansink draws on over 40 years of experience in engineering. An innovator who draws on this experience in critiquing design concepts and assisting the team when problem solving, to arrive at the right solution.

He’s a fan of practical cost-effective engineering solutions and close working relationships with customers to better meet their needs and expectations. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him working around the house, cruising on the Harley, tiki touring in the Kombi, or more likely than not spending time with his kids, grandkids, and friends.


Nick Wansink

Nick Wansink, Operations Manager

Nick takes your concept drawings and brings them to life by assembling it into a workable platform to work from.

Using 3D CAD, he puts the engineering jigsaw together to form a complete layout before workshop drawings go to the manufacturing stage. Dedicated to indoor and outdoor pursuits, Nick’s into both gaming and extreme sports, particularly wakeboarding. ‘If it looks dangerous, it's probably fun!’.

David Ager

David Ager, Design Engineer

Dave works with customers to devise an innovative and cost effective design solution, ensuring that customers get the best possible result to suit their budget.

With the best part of a couple of decades of experience in the engineering design field, he has seen a lot of changes in the tools available in design and has eagerly embraced the latest innovations in 3D CAD. Friendly and calm by nature, conversely he enjoys the pursuit of original music creation in Dunedin as both a participant and a punter.

Wayne Perkins

Wayne Perkins, Development Manager

Wayne has been involved in farming and agriculture his whole life and understands some of the unique issues facing those who live off the land.

Wayne is always keen to develop something new and different and his farming background often helps him think outside the box. He enjoys writing, music, walking, beer and watching his children make their way in life. He loves living in Central Otago, and hopes to die there as well, however he see's no urgency in the latter!


Mieka Conner, Office Manager

Mieka works closely with the customers and suppliers to ensure smooth administration functions making sure nothing is missed or overlooked.

She is committed to EB's maintaining high standards in all of its public relations and clear lines of communication for all parties. When not in the office Mieka is at home spending time with her 3 young children.