Pumps, Sprayers & Sprinklers

Stanley Spot & Broadcast 12-volt Sprayers

Don't let your property get over-run with weeds - get them under control with our great range of Stanley Sprayers. Awesome for spraying weeds, fence lines, roadways, driveways, pastures, paddocks, lawns and trees.

We have a 30 litre Spot Sprayer and a 60 and 98 litre Spot and Broadcast Sprayer, all built to the highest possible standards.  Our 12 volt pumps come in the following sizes. 3.8lpm, 8.3lpm, 11.3lpm, 15lpm, 20lpm and 26lpm. 

DuCaR Farm Sprinklers and Irrigation.

Established in 1968, Ducar sprinklers are now sold into over 100 countries and have developede an outstanding reputation for reliability. They have a wide range of products including small sprinkler guns with breakers, and various types of equipment in various sizes used in large irrigation systems.

A great rnage of impact and gear driven sprinklers for the rural sector.