Sprayer Trailers

Great for all you farm spraying needs, the trailers offer a renge of different options, from weed control to gorse spraying.

The 200 litre Stanley sprayer trailer comes with an 11.3 lpm pump at 60 PSI or an 5.7lpm pump at 150 PSI. Comes as standard with 8 metres of hose but length can be extended. Broadcast lance option available which will give you spot spraying abilty and also allow you to spray up to a 4m swath behind you as you drive along


The 400 litre Perkinz sprayer trailer comes with a number of options, from a 12-volt Stanley pump of your choice with hose length to suit, up to a 4-stroke DEK 350 PSI pump and 50m of hose. Boom option also available

Both only available in New Zealand. Go to our online store for more information or flick Wayne an email, wayne@ebengineering.co.nz and ask any questions you may have.


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