Aquatec Solar Sub Pump

The Aquatec SWP submersible pumps are designed to supply water in off-grid locations for homes, irrigation, livestock, ponds, and many other applications.

The SWP-4000 4" and SWP-6000 6” positive-displacement submersible deep well diaphragm pumps are constructed with high-grade materials that are all potable water safe.

Aquatec Submersible Solar Water Pump, available from Perkinz

What Makes the Aquatec Solar Pumps So Good?


Potable water safe.

Fits into a well casing (borehole) 100mm (4 inches) in diameter or larger.

Capable of pumping from depths of up to 70m (SWP-4000), and 37m (SWP-6000)

Protected from moisture intrusion by double O-ring seals.

Anti-wicking cable entrance protects the motor from an incorrectly installed splice.

Factory installed 900mm (36 inch) long motor leads.

Designed to operate from any 12-30 VDC power source, including 72 cell series arrays, 60 or 72 cell modules or 12 or 24VDC battery banks.

Shell constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Dual-size port outlet can accommodate ½” (15mm) hose barb and ½” drop pipe (16mm ID) or 5/8” (18mm) hose barb.

Built-in 50 mesh stainless steel screen prevents debris intrusion.

Over-sized eyelet for easy installation of safety line.

Field serviceable with our full line of repair kits.


Aquatec 4000 Pump. NZ1,290.00

Aquatec 6000 Pump. NZ$1,490.00

Aquatec 4000 Turnkey KIT. NZ$2,900.00

Aquatec 6000 Turnkey Kit.  NZ$3,100.00 

These prices include GST and freight throughout New Zealand.

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