Design & Build Solutions

Custom design and build engineering projects are a key area of expertise.
Renowned for innovation and our attention to customers’ needs, we know that every business is unique.

Our broad spectrum of experience allows us to draw on solutions from a diverse range of industries – from components to plant, prototype to proven systems, we will work with you then design, develop and build exactly what you need:

  • Single purpose conveyors, machines or plant items
  • Small to medium-sized plant
  • Prototype equipment from concept to reality
  • Automate, upgrade or rebuild existing systems
  • Batch fabrication of components

We offer:

  • Full design from concept stage, right through to production
  • Manufacturing from supplied drawings
  • Design of simple, reliable and functional machinery that delivers you value for money
  • Intense quality management programme and project scheduling, delivering you the best possible product – on deadline
  • A service that involves you at every step
  • The option of a full maintenance service
  • No compromise on quality ever